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07-Oct-2017 10:41

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It's not advisable to cut out solids immediately and depend only on fluids to get you through the day.

For the first few days, ease the transition with porridge, fruit smoothies and nutritious broths. Vegetables, legumes and cabbage may not be the most exciting combination but it's the perfect way to start you off on cleansing the system.

Most hunger cravings between meals are signs of dehydration, that can be put to rest with a glass of water.

When on a detox, avoid snacking but if you absolutely must, drink herbal tea instead of breaking out yet another batch of popcorn or unsalted nuts.

Relax your mind, chew slowly and really taste the food you're eating.

Ase out Just like you can't rush into a detox cycle, it's not advisable to abandon your diet all of a sudden.

Either way, it's not something most of us, with our 14-hour work days, stiff deadlines and comfort food binges, can handle for an extended period of time.

Take a day off from technology every week, preferably over the weekends when you're not likely to be called in by the boss.Going raw while on a detox diet is tough love for the soul, but the results can make you feel like a whole new person.It's important though that a good detox routine is undertaken with care. Ease in A detox cycle is like learning to ride a bike-you have to start slow.A complete detox is one of those promises that you make to yourself on New Year'd Eve.

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It can also be a passing phase in college, or a week right before your blockbuster wedding.

Every bite counts, and takes you further away from your goal, be it weight loss or a complete detox.

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