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05-Nov-2017 19:09

I’m very aware some of my fans had noticed I was laying low for part of the summer and questioning why I wasn’t promoting my new music, which I was extremely proud of.

So I found out I needed to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus and was recovering. I honestly look forward to sharing with you, soon my journey through these past several months as I have always wanted to do with you.

Since they began dating, the two have made it a point to keep their relationship off of social media.

She told the magazine: 'My boyfriend just got me a beautiful Chanel bag, and [I love it.]'But, it isn't the label that has the singer excited, instead hinting towards a deeper, sentimental value, 'It wasn't because it was a Chanel bag, it's because of where it came from and what it meant.Until then I want to publicly thank my family and incredible team of doctors for everything they have done for me prior to and post-surgery.And finally, there aren’t words to describe how I can possibly thank my beautiful friend Francia Raisa. Lupus continues to be very misunderstood but progress is being made.This couple has kept their relationship out of the spotlight for the most part, but they were first spotted together in November 2016.

Now, almost a year later, Jonas popped the question, and both he and Turner confirmed she said yes on their respective Instagram pages on Oct. Turner and Jonas' news comes just days after her co-star Kit Harington announced that production on Season 8 of the hit HBO show would be shutdown so that the cast could attend his wedding to Rose Leslie.

After a year of dating and building their relationship together privately, Turner and Jonas are ready to say "I do." Is it too much to hope for a winter wedding? He might as well embrace the family's words, and make things official during one of the chilly months.