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31-Oct-2017 16:25

In our quest to find a loving, supportive romantic relationship we often forget about the other relationships in our lives and what they attract for us.

Now, by this I don't mean that when we meet a man all our other previously important relationships go on the back burner.

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Breaking the tie from a relationship that's ended can sometimes be incredibly difficult especially if you are not the one that has ended it.

Find something nice to do for yourself every day and set yourself things to look forward to.

If it helps make a habit of writing down five things you are grateful for everyday.

If you intend to live the best life you possibly can you do need to limit the people in your life that simply drain your bucket. It's a job you know you have to do but you just keep putting it off.

If your ex has moved on your natural instinct will probably be to find another partner immediately.

For some crazy reason we view ourselves as second class citizens when we are dateless and our ex's have a new dolly bird on their arms.

This is the general rule of thumb of how relationships/friendships should work in a perfect world.

However, we all have or have had people in our lives that just seem to take from our bucket and fail to give in return.What you do with other relationships will reflect into your love life whether you like it or not.