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I've even been known to lean in close and sniff it saying it smells nice but you have to be a good judge of body language and whether this will go down well. As I've said it's a major mistake to make and will embarrass or scare her if she's truly a 'good' girl.

The key is to slowly build up tension and attraction so by the end of the night she's feeling relaxed and horny enough to come back to your place.

Remember overt public affection in Thailand is not the done thing.

It's not even common outside of Bangkok to see young couples holding hands and you'll never see them kiss in public.

At this point if you know she's 100% keen to spend the night you don't have to make any pretenses and can just take her back to your place.

However if she's still on the fence, hesitant, or you're not sure whether she's going to spend the night you need to give her a reason to come back.

If you want your first dates to turn into one night stands or sex there's only one date type you should be doing – drinking dates!

Coffee dates are pleasant at best and rarely lead to sex.

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If you hesitate or give her a chance to jump into a taxi and go home you've missed your chance.Try and sit next to her rather than opposite her to make this easier.Start by simply placing your arm over the back of her chair so you're not actually touching her yet just warming her up to the idea and she how she reacts.Pretty much any date you do other than a drinking one lowers your chances of getting sex.

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Alcohol loosens you up and loosens your date up, inhibitions are lowered, you do things after a few drinks that you wouldn't do after drinking a coffee or watching a movie.Regardless of what excuse you gave the girls for getting them back get them to take their shoes off (they will anyway as it's Thai culture), sit down and get comfortable, turn the TV / a movie on or some music and pour them a drink whilst you do whatever you told them you were going to do.

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