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That would’ve been in keeping with the characters as drawn.Alternatively, she could have just showed some goddamn agency and entered into the fray – she could have talked Dr Horrible down, or stopped Captain Hammer from pulling the trigger (let’s not forget, he’s actually the one who kills her).I’ve since had a chance to watch Act III a few more times, and although I haven’t changed my mind about it, I’ve just been thinking and thinking and thinking about it and reading other people's reactions and, mostly, wondering what the hell happened.See, I fully expected that we’d find out Penny was actually a lot more kickass than she appeared.Instead, she’s left unexplored and undeveloped, constantly ignored and pushed aside, literally and figuratively – Captain Hammer “saves” her by throwing her into a stack of bin bags!The show doesn’t treat her much better than the characters; she’s constantly being drowned out by the two guys.

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Dr Horrible, as the star of the show, gets plenty of opportunity to monologue in verse, and Captain Hammer gets a really, really, really long song all to himself at the opening of the homeless shelter, but Penny?

All the slightly creepy things he’s been doing, which seemed forgivable and even sort of endearing, suddenly come sharply into focus. He doesn’t love Penny, he’s obsessed with her – and stalking her.