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25-Oct-2017 21:16

Whether it’s getting back-to-basics or hiring a team tailored to meet senior needs, nearly every company should be considering new ways to reach this massive market of consumers.”[4] Steve Olenski (@) agrees with Gross that Baby Boomers represent “a unique marketing challenge and a very distinct demographic.”[5] He notes, “They remember rotary phones, Soupy Sales, and drinking Kool-aid instead of bottled water.” He adds, “If you think ‘aged’, ‘senior’ and ‘elderly’ are effective buzzwords for baby boomers — think again.They don’t want to be reminded of their age, but of their accomplishments and of their future.” Gross would probably agree with that observation.

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Tailor your consumer reach by contacting us online today to learn more.But what we don’t hear a lot about is how to market to their parents: Americans older than 50.