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23-Jun-2017 01:31

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___________ First of all, it is always better not to make a narcissist angry, since narcissists can be very vengeful.

Another reason for not to upset a narcissist is that for so-called "normal" people (those of us who are not narcissistic), the revenge is usually only a short-term relief.

Narcissistic men, in particular love to use intense sex as a means of hooking their targets, and they tend to have lots of it.

Once he knows he has you hooked, either you have moved in together, married, or by some other means, his behavior will change. The charming man you fell in love with, the one who who worshiped you, will fade away, or worse, you will wake up one day and he will have become an entirely different person.

It may turn against you once the sharpest peak of your anger has faded.

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A narcissist will let you pour your heart out to him (and if you’re reluctant he will pout, prod, and beg you to tell him ALL about yourself).If you wish to read about the methods I used to teach my mind and brain to get rid of an "addiction" to a narcissist, please visit page Recovery after Cheating and Narcissism.

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