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We go online to try one thing, like group sex or shoe fetishes, and end up finding fulfillment in something else, like strip Scrabble.

Or we seek a compromise between real-world relationship commitments and sexual needs we can't ignore.

[ reading ] "Dear Church Lady: I am shocked at the number of people who bring their children to total strangers in Santa suits, and allow them to hold their young ones firmly on their pelvic regions, offer them candy and whisper, 'Don't be afraid to tell me what you really want! [ holds up board with "SANTA" spelled across it in removeable letters ] Santa. Church Lady: Oh, it does need clearing once again, doesn't it? Church Lady: [ smug ] And I am not the Church Lady.

Well, Elaine, let's examine thew word "Santa", shall we? Who would help grown men peel the focus from the baby Jesus on his birthday? Jessica Hahn: Well, thank you for having me here, Church Lady, it'll give me a chance to finally clear my name. Church Lady: Yes, I remember your picture on the tabloid saying, "I am not a whore." Jessica Hahn: I am not a whore! Church Lady: Yes, you seem to have to do that often.

we like ourselves, let's just cool off for a second. And it is the holidays, which reminds me we have a special feature for your enjoyment - the debut of the "Church Chat" band. Church Lady: Well, I have been rehearsing on skins for a while, and I hope I can keep up with you. [ walks across the stge with Danny ] Right over here, we've got Pearl, and we've got Steven. Danny De Vito: [ singing ] "Here comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus Right down Santa Claus Lane Vixen and Blitzen and all his reindeer are pulling on the reins.

Danny De Vito: They tell me you play a mean set of drums.

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Just when you think your story's over, Jessie, you pop up again, just like some nasty bacterial fungus you get at a gas station bathroom.

They say that Jessica Hahn is nobody's robot, alright! Now, being used and degraded in a hotel rom in Florida was not my decision! That was a nice little speech, we all have a tear in our eye, don't we? Now my next geust is making a second appearance on "Church Chat". [ Danny De Vito sits in front of the Church Lady ] Church Lady: Hello, Daniel.