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Interestingly, the research literature on human capital and entrepreneurship is already broadly organized into these two different questions – 1) Who becomes an entrepreneur? More than 25 years of research examines both questions.

We outline some of the key findings and provide selected citations below.

In order to bring fans into the city of Panem, Ignition Interactive created an HTML5 extravaganza developed in partnership with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 bringing to life elements of the Capitol that have never been seen or experienced before.

Fans were teased with an initial image of the Capitol skyline in which they could sign up to take part of the tour.

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The questions of who chooses a particular path in the first place and who gets ahead and why lead this discussion of human capital and entrepreneurship.

The body of research on the relationship between founder background and entrepreneurial success is in many ways similar to the bodies of research look at the relationship between individual backgrounds and career outcomes among any other subgroup – students, corporate executives, political leaders, sports figures, entertainers, scientific and engineering stars, and even career criminals.

Thusly, applicants were introduced to the Training Center facility and a series of POV puzzles, logic quizzes, and physical tests which were administered by a specially-designed Weyland Android named Andrea Bishop.

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Human capital research delves even deeper into entrepreneurs’ specific characteristics and demographic traits.

Ignition Creative teamed up with the Microsoft's Internet Explorer team to create an HTML5 experience that challenged fans to prove they had what it takes to be a part of the Project Prometheus Program.