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20-Jan-2018 23:24

Now, it seems there’s less chance of getting such coveted items with the addition of health potions.

Redditers over on The Silph Road board have carried out some research, and claim Rare Candy and Golden Razz drops are less common now.

At first, the new animal was only available to those in attendance at Niantic’s Yokohama, Japan event.

Players gathered at the Poké fest to take part in three legendary raids, only to discover the genetically-enhanced Poké creature was available for capture.

Today, the Windows 10 Creators Update began rolling out to over 400 million Windows 10 devices.

Currently, the only way to get Golden Razz berries is by completing raids, which then allow you to increase your capture chances, as well as Rare Candy, which comes in handy when levelling up any of the Legendary birds.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks, as we’ll be sharing a deeper look at many of these topics individually.

Web developers can start testing Edge HTML 15 today by updating their Windows 10 device, or by downloading a free virtual machine from Microsoft Edge Dev.

We as Bicycle Ambulance took over Freshtripe around a year ago and as well as updating that site we have been working on adding products to the site to make sure everything from the existing Bicycle Ambulance site is present.

As you can now explorer many of your favourite Bicycle Ambulance items are in stock along side some new ones and Freshtripe’s main products from Velo Orange. Microsoft Edge now lets you set your tabs aside for later, sweeping them aside and organizing them neatly in a special section for easy access when you’re ready.

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