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16-Jul-2017 11:19

For example, the following command can be used to list the contents of the "Desktop" directory within the current user's home directory. Those variables are not necessarily available in the graphical environment of the desktop.

To examine the environment variables that are effective when you for instance start an application from the launcher, you can follow the guidance in this Ask Ubuntu answer.

For instance, in the example above, the value of "LANGUAGE" will not change from its original value, as far as subsequent commands to the shell are concerned.

So far we've only discussed ways set an environment variable value temporarily until the shell session in which it was set is closed.

For example, this command creates a user-level environment variable named .

One thing to watch out for: when we used Set Environment Variable to create a new user- or machine-level environment variable that variable didn’t always show up when we ran this command in Windows Power Shell: Again, if you use Set Environment Variable the deleted variable might still show up when you call Get-Child Item, at least until you restart.

Want to see all your environment variables and their values? Like we said, though, that approach only works for process-level environment variables.This is a ~/.profile equivalent of the above example: Note: The code in ~/.profile is run after ~/.pam_environment has been read.

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